RIS in collaboration with the successful organization Ecorise Youth Innovations of Austin, Texas, experts in developing curricula on sustainability have designed an innovative curriculum in Sustainable Intelligence.

This challenging curriculum promotes environmental awareness by incorporating Sustainable Intelligence throughout the curriculum, from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The development of Sustainable Intelligence through education will cause positive changes in students, homes, schools and communities around the world.

This material is currently available in both Spanish and English and has been culturally adapted for international and Latin American consumers. 

KLU SCIENCE is a creative and innovative educational app Based on brain learning methodology. It contains didactic tools aimed at 3rd grade children (ages 9-10 years) and students around the world.


“We believe that the only ones who can really educate and train children are their parents (and / or primary caregivers) and we at Parents’ Place can help. We are a reliable option that aims to provide parents with information and support they need to accompany their children in discovering the world, and help them do it creatively, and free-flowing manner.”