We offer a series of training courses in both laboral and educational fields, focusing on the needs for the real-world.

  • How to live with the New Generations in the Labor Market.
  • How do New Generations Learn.
  • How to communicate effectively with the new generations.
  • The XXI Century Family.
  • How the Brain Learns Naturally.
  • How to Improve the Performance of Organizations through Neuro-Learning.
  • Why educate for Sustainability?

Educational Consulting

  • Curriculum design and improvement of existing curricula.
  • Consulting and guidance to educational institutions to solve real problems, integrated by a multicultural team.
  • Educational applications.
  • Teacher training.
  • Educational technology area.
  • Educational platforms.

Environmental Impact Consulting

We provide consulting to suit your needs in order to transform your business, school or organization such as the global standards of both LEED and WELLNESS.


Latin America Hub

We are specialized consultants for the Center for Green Schools and strategic development and operation in Latin America. We want to guide you on your pathway to sustainability.